Cyber Training

Government and Military

Our certified instructors train U.S. government and military members every day.

We provide two series of programs - DoDD 8570 compliance training and digital forensics training.

Military Training

DoDD 8570 Courses

We offer the following courses to help you meet training requirements for certification:

  • Network+ (CompTIA)
  • Security+ (CompTIA)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council)

Digital Forensics

  • Incident Response
  • Network Analysis
  • Traditional Digital Forensics
  • Dead-box Digital Forensics

Information Assurance Fundamentals Course

Did you know that the easiest way for a hacker to gain access to your sensitive secrets is to call you? tile-web-security

This technique, called "social engineering," is a very common method of gaining initial access to business computer systems.

Our two-hour on-site course is designed to educate employees about these attack methods and build up your first line of defense.

Employees must know how to detect, deter and report suspicious requests for information.

Javascript Code

Javascript Reverse Engineering

What do the Zeus and Blackhole exploit kits have in common?

The answer is Javascript.

Javascript is used by various malware authors and delivery systems to select and target exploits.

If you perform malware analysis on Internet threats or spear phishing attacks, this class can help you take your tactical analysis to the next level.

We teach you:

  • Web-code analysis
  • PDF Javascript analysis
  • DOM-check workarounds
  • Safely handling Javascript loaders
  • Exploit identification
  • Sandbox execution
  • Common obfuscation tactics
  • Logic analysis

Take your tactical analysis to the next level.