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What’s normal for your network?

EarlyWarning is tailored by our cybersecurity experts for your business network

We assess hundreds of thousands of events during this customizing process to identify normal network activity for your business.

This customization reduces false-positives and delivers actionable alerts so you can stop attackers dead in their tracks.


Advance Detection in 5 minutes

Unpack, connect, and power on. It’s that easy.

EarlyWarning is designed to work in most business networks right out of the box with no additional configuration.

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Potetial Attacks

Increase Visibility

Instantly know when someone is poking around on your network

Action Information

Every alert provides the source of the suspicious activity so you can act quickly

Customizable Alerting

Do you want your Managed Service Provider to deal with the alerts? EarlyWarning can deliver alerts to your MSP.

Tailored and Specific

We tailor EarlyWarning to your business network to reduce false positives, unlike other Intrusion Detection Systems.

How it all goes wrong...

Hackers find a foothold in your business through email or other vulnerabilities.

A single weakness in your defenses is all it takes for a hacker to get access to valuable data.

Hackers target

Customer Records

Stored Credit Cards

Accounting and Finance Data

Servers and valuable information

An Average attack is underway and doing damage 7 months before it is detected.

Get the visibility you need to act immediately. Each day an attack goes undetected, hackers gain access to more business-critical information.

EarlyWarning alerts immediately so you can act FAST.

Want to see the difference? Use our attack simulator to compare EarlyWarning to your current defenses.

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Analecta Cyber is a Maryland-based cybersecurity firm providing cyber defense for small and medium sized businesses. Analecta is a trusted partner to help companies achieve their cybersecurity objectives.

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