Cyber Security


Analecta provides a variety of cyber security services, including audit support, system design consulting, infrastructure development and software development supporting secure information systems, but we primary specialize in vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.



Our engineers are trained from industry standard certifications and have established credibility in securing high security networks across state and federal governments as well as the Department of Defense.

Whether the right person for your assessment is a high-level Information Assurance Technician (IAT Level 3) Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or a tactical Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) - we've got you covered.

Analecta engineers base their work fundamentally on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) standards.

Previous work

Our lead engineer is proud to have applied his cyber security expertise to assist the U.S. Navy in achieving their first "zero vulnerability tolerance" network environment.


Vulnerability assessments

How many unresolved vulnerabilities are haunting your network? Is it 10? Five? Or just one?

Even a single vulnerability left unaddressed can leave you susceptible to active threats interested in your business practices and proprietary information.

Our assessment experts are able to assist you in independent verification and validation of internal vulnerability assessments in support of legal and commercial requirements.

Beyond assessments, we provide pragmatic and practical solutions to propel you towards a zero tolerance vulnerability stature. Our career information systems security engineers live and breathe domain security and will provide you and your IT staff with materials to help.

Is it possible to have zero vulnerabilities? Absolutely. Frankly, there are always threats of zero day exploitation. Training, proper security engineering and penetration testing is the next step to reaching and maintaining zero vulnerabilities.


Penetration testing

We source the industry and the Department of Defense to find the best penetration testers. These professionals have experience breaking in the transportation department and high security military networks to identify weaknesses beyond the traditional vulnerabilities found in vulnerability assessments.

You don't have high security until you have a zero vulnerability environment, audit processes in place and recurring regular penetration tests.

We can perform a variety of different penetration tests, from tabletop in the C-suite to Black Ops-style break-ins and dumpster diving. We work with you to tailor a penetration test that checks standard business practices and can dive deep to focus on areas of concern.